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Inspired by the ancient Persian way of living

Sherry Adhami

Founder | The East To West Lifestyle Co ©

The East To West Lifestyle Co © is a Persian-inspired beauty and wellbeing brand, founded by Sherry Adhami. We follow the principles of Traditional Persian Medicine – Teb Sonatti – a truly holistic and personalised form of medicine that aims to treat the whole body rather than the symptoms. We take a new look at the old world to create authentic products, and to share remedies and recipes to help you maintain your health and wellbeing.

THE EAST TO WEST LIFESTYLE CO - Persian-inspired Cosmetics and Wellbeing
THE EAST TO WEST LIFESTYLE CO - Persian-inspired Cosmetics and Wellbeing

Our Story

Originally born in Iran, Sherry immigrated to the UK in the 80s with her family and was inspired to launch The East To West Lifestyle Co © having treated her own health problems through the practice of Traditional Persian Medicine.

“Having grown up with Persian parents, I was aware from a young age about the medicinal properties of food and how carefully pairing and selecting your ingredients could cure all kinds of ailments – natures pharmacy was always our first port of call in our house. Mum was always in the kitchen  concocting Persian remedies like boiled  turnips ( this humble vegetable is packed full of natural antibiotics) and saffron tea if we ever had a cold. After leaving home, I started to develop acne in my early 20s and choose to turn to strong antibiotics for a quick yet short-term fix. It wasn’t until my mum encouraged me to read up on Traditional Persian Medicine and use Sefidab ®  that I started to experience a real transformation for the better – my skin become clearer, brighter and I had so much more energy.”

Sherry Adhami – Founder

A New Look at Traditional Persian Medicine

At The East To West Lifestyle Co ©, we don’t think of it as alternative medicine, rather our focus is to uncover original time-tested methods, teachings and rituals that have been practiced by Persians for centuries and continue to be passed down through the generation.

“It was for this very reason I launched The East to West Lifestyle Co ©, combining my love of storytelling and all things beauty and wellbeing. When it comes to our health, there is no one- size-fits-all approach. As individuals, the real inner workings of our bodies are all very different and this is why I believe Traditional Persian Medicine is such an effective way of managing your health. I hope by sharing these original self-care remedies, together we can help keep these effective ancient methods and rituals to live on.”

Sherry is currently studying for her practitioner qualification in both Unani Tibb Eastern Medicine Studies and Western Nutrition. Dividing her time between the UK and Iran, Sherry’s passion is travelling around the country to speak to herbal doctors’ Hakims’ and visiting Attaris; herbal shops specialising in Traditional Persian Medicine. She then compiles recipes and remedies to be shared back in the UK.

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THE EAST TO WEST LIFESTYLE CO - Persian-inspired Cosmetics and Wellbeing