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Damnoosh™️ Skin Radiance Tea Tonic Green Tea

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Green Tea, Rose & Dandelion Skin Radiance Tonic

According to Traditional Persian Medicine, most skin conditions originate deep within the body from digestive imbalances, excess heat and toxicity circulating in the blood.

By adding our uniquely formulated skin radiance tea tonic to your daily self-care ritual, you can help cleanse from within. Packed with a blend of Dandelion Leaves and Sencha Green Tea, Damnoosh™️ is full of phytonutrients renowned for their anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties that help purify and strengthen the digestive system and restore balance. The soothing and cooling botanicas of Calendula, Rosehip and Rose Petals are a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins E, C and A – a natural Retinol vital for skin health.

Taste: This healing green tea combines naturally astringent Rose Petals and Dandelion Leaves and balances them perfectly with the tender sweetness of natural Almond flavouring.

Ingredients List:

  • Traditional Persian Medicine Herbal Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Rose
  • Dandelion
  • Calendula
  • 100% Natural with no additives or preservatives.

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