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Amazing company! This was my first time using the eyebrow serum and I will be definitely buying another one ! My eyebrows are really healthy and thick. All the empty spots are gone! Definitely recommending ! Thank you <3

sebastien lambot
a month ago

Fantastic product! Been using for few weeks now and my skin is feeling softer and brighter. Post my last pregnancy I have huge issues with skin discolouration and I feel that this powder is making difference in the way the darker patches are disappearing

june carr
a month ago

East to West Brow Serum is a miracle worker ! After a very unsuccessful eyebrow tint, the beauty therapist said I didn’t have enough hair to dye successfully. Then a friend introduced me to East to West Brow Serum. I decided I’d nothing to loose so started using it daily and six months later, my brows have become thicker and are now full enough to be dyed again. One very satisfied customer. June aged 74.

Marjan Jalil
a month ago

As an eyebrow specialist, I’m always hunting for a good brow serum. I’ve got one of eyebrow serum to treat my eyebrows and the result is just wow! It’s worked, my eyebrows growing and it has the best smell and texture. I definitely recommend it and I’ll buy again! Simply the best eyebrow serum 👌🏻 Thank you for such a brilliant product 🙏

I have had such a good time experimenting with East to West. The eyeliner is my GO to for a winged line or graphic lines. My shoulders and chest suffer with a little rough skin and acne and the sefidab powder and I loved the brow serum for my lashes! Thanks to Sherry for her awesome products and content

Razia Smith
2 months ago

As an eyebrow specialist I was looking for a very good quality brow serum for my personal use and to offer to my clients. I came across East to West brow serum and I have to say it really is amazing. It smells lovely and it is non greasy so perfect to use day and night. The best thing about it is that it is made with natural ingredients that are renowned to keep brows healthy and encourage hair growth. My clients have tried it too and I have had positive feedback. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it!

2 months ago

I was interested to try this brand as they had good quality ingredients such as Cocoa Nibs, & Rose petals in there Damnoosh Herbal Teas blends . I went for– the Gut Detox Tea Tonic & Skin Radiance Tonic teas. I suffer from IBS and I have used the Gut Detox to manage nausea and cramping pain, the teas have not been bitter as some other brands when steeped, and very good value as these specialised herbal blends can become expensive when purchased separately. I also loved the Skin Radiance blend for PMS symptoms and the Rose and Dandelion helped with some PMS symptoms such as bloating and headaches. Very high quality ingredients and I will definitely purchase again!

Josie Hailey
2 months ago

Sherry and East to West lifestyle has helped me make more natural and holistic choices in beauty and skincare, its more than just products its about looking at well-being as a whole. Sefidab Persian Skin Detox Face Peel Powder has changed my skin care regime, it's left my skin smoother and plumper. As someone with sensitive, breakout prone skin this improved my complexion 100%. No animal testing, vegan and no additives!

Niloo Adhami
3 months ago

My second purchase of Sefid ab face peel powder, love it love it love it…. It is now a staple part of my skin care regime.

Sarah Allen
2 months ago

I have been using Sefidab Rice and Rose face peel as part of my skin care routine. I am someone who suffers with dry skin so I was curious as to how this would compare to my trusted Dermalogica products - It did not disappoint (in-fact it was better) I would 100% recommend.