The Four Humours With Their Corresponding Elements, Seasons, Sites Of Formation, And Resulting Temperaments


Traditional Persian Medicine is based on the humoral medical system that presents causes, explanations, and treatments of disease on the body’s four primary humours imbalance. Every person has their unique humoral makeup, representing their healthy personal state and is associated with both the seasons and phases of one’s life.

What Are The Four Primary Humours?
Arising in our boy are four semigaseous vapours called humours, which are responsible
for maintaining the bodies fluids and digestive by-products in a state of balance.

Humours are produced during the digestion process from the food and drink we consume;
they are fluids that exist in a kinetic state and flow through the body,
providing vital nutrients for the growth and repair of our organs.

How Our Humours Work Around Your Body
The Four Primary Humours are associated with Blood, Phlegm, Yellow Bile
and Black Bile, which refers to the stages of breakdown of the nutrients in the digestion process – see below:

• BLOOD circulating nutrients and oxygen throughout the body (Hot & Moist)
• PHLEGM clear fluids of the lymphatic system, a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins. (Cold & Moist).
• YELLOW BILE yellowish fluid produced in the digestive system to help absorb digested nutrients (Hot & Dry)
• BLACK BILE dark material that moves from the small to large intestines to be separated for nutrients and waste (Cold & Dry)

Every humour has an associated characteristic ‘Temperament’ of heat and moisture as
flagged in the list above; imbalances occur when this temperament is altered or
disturbed, leading to disease.

Each person has one dominant Humour, and their
personality type, i.e. ‘Temperament’, will be expressed accordingly to the
humoral prevalence.

• BLOOD is Sanguine Cheerful, optimistic, young soul)
• PHLEGM is Phlegmatic (easy going, kind, calm, shy)
• YELLOW BILE is Chloric (fiery, natural leaders, intelligent)
• BLACK BILE is Melancholic (thoughtful, mature, old soul)

How To Balance The Four Humours?
TPM classifies the food we eat according to its ability to increase or slow down the metabolism and therefore, contribute to each of the humours to maintain its inherent temperament

When our diet, sleep, exercise and digestion are disrupted, our Humours become unbalanced, and signs of illness appear. Our physical health, mood, and emotions
depend on the quantity and quality of the four Humours produced within our
bodies. When these Humours are balanced and flowing in harmony, we think, feel,
and act better.

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