The Four Types Of Temperaments And Their Meaning? How Does Personality Affect Health?

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According to TPM, everything in this universe, from humans, food to the device you’re reading this one has a particular Temperament. There are Four Primary Temperaments that fluctuate between a level of heat and moisture. When it comes to people, each is assigned its own personality types, which are: Melancholic( cold & dry), Choleric (hot & dry), Sanguine (hot & moist) and Phlegmatic (cold & moist). This explains why some are innately more optimistic, fearless, and confident, while some are more shy and emotional. Our temperament represents our unique characteristics, influencing every aspect of our daily lives – from our physical appearance, wellbeing, relationships, to even our careers. 


The four temperament theory is a proto-psychological theory that suggests that there are four fundamental personality types that directly impact our health.

  • Sanguine: enthusiastic, active, and social
  • Choleric: short-tempered, fast, and irritable – natural leaders!
  • Melancholic analytical, wise, and quiet
  • Phlegmatic relaxed and peaceful, adapt to situations easy

Can you guess which one you are?  Whilst everyone has a prominent temperament, it does change with the seasons and age.

TPM encourages us to learn about our unique ‘Temperament’ and truly analyse our health so that we can begin to use our strengths to overcome our vulnerabilities. Knowing your true temperament is a great way to learn about any health-related predispositions you may have and adjust your diet to consume the right foods at the right time for your constitution to get the most nutritional value. It’s not just your diet; once you understand your innate personality type and those of people close to you, you will get a whole new perspective on how you see/interact with the world and manage your relationships. I hear it all the time, when someone is aware of their true temperaments, it helps them make much better lifestyle choices, and the results are transformational.

Remember, when it comes to our wellbeing, it’s not always one size fits all approach.

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