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Hello, welcome to my first blog!  I’m Sherry, Founder of The East To West Lifestyle Co© –  UK’s first Persian-inspired cosmetics and wellbeing brand inspired by the practice  of the Persian Lifestyle Principles – Setah Zaroriah and the teachings of Traditional Persian Medicine (TPM) –  Teb-Sonati.   A truly holistic & personalised form of healthcare, TPM aims to treat the whole body rather than the symptoms. We take a new look at the old world to create authentic plant-based products and to share original, natural remedies & recipes to help you feel your true best.

Later on, in the year will see the release of our limited edition skincare range to keep your skin thoroughly cleansed and rejuvenated, but more on that to come later

From Then To Now… Use of  Traditional Medicine 

Originally born in Iran (also known as Persia), I immigrated to the UK in the early 80’s with my family. Growing up, I remember that my parents didn’t like to do things conventionally. My mum (and dad) were always in the kitchen, creating concoctions for any health issues that my sister and I had. From boiled and mashed turnips for colds to saffron-infused Persian tea for stomach aches, natural remedies were always the first port of call in our home

I’ve always been fascinated by how Persians continue to pass down certain rituals to their families and it was for this very reason I felt inspired to launch The East to West Lifestyle Co ©, combining my love of history, storytelling and all things beauty and health. I am passionate when it comes to empowering people and helping them take their wellbeing back into their own hands. I hope that by sharing these original self-care remedies with you, together we can help these ancient methods to live on.

We Are Original.  We Are Not Alternative!

 Well strictly speaking we are both!  Inspired by Persian teachings, we aim to educate and empower you to make more holistic lifestyle choices. By sharing ancient Persian remedies and recipes for health and wellbeing, we save you time and money by teaching you how to use simple, natural ingredients in your home. We want to help you understand more about your body’s individual temperament; a key principle in Traditional Persian Medicine. You can learn how to listen to your body, so you can adapt your diet and lifestyle to improve your health and wellbeing.

Living Your Best East To West Lifestyle – Benefits Of My Blog

If you are interested in all things alternative and holistic when it comes to feeling and looking good then our blogs will

1. Teach you how to identify your personal ‘Temperament’ aka characteristics and personality type and learn more about how they two key things effects your overall wellbeing

  1. Empower you to learn about mother nature’s vast pharmacy to discover how to correctly pair foods and herbs to your body’s Temperament to maintain your optimal health
  2. Learn lots of delicious recipes and home-made beauty rituals and remedies

Whether you have problem skin, suffer from stress or arthritis, our approach looks at original, natural Persian inspired treatments.

 You can also sign up to our monthly journal to get the latest news offers from The East To West Lifestyle Co© here 

A Problem Shared Is A Problem Halved?

 Do you have any questions concerning your health and looking for a more personalised and natural way to address any health issues? We would love to hear from you and see if we can help you address any issues using Traditional Persian Medicine.   Email your questions to

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Love & Light


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