Traditional Persian Medicine – Food

The act of consuming food and drinks transforms into innate heat and produces humors, which acts as our fuel and energy to function healthily. Since the body’s metabolism is ultimately responsible for creating humors, authentic Persian cuisine is deeply rooted in the understanding of the humoral medical system. By pairing and combining different ingredients, it aims to balance the humors internally.

To harness the healing properties of food and herbs, Traditional Persian Medicine (TPM) classifies them according to whether they are hot Garmi or cold Sardi, and moist or dry. This classification refers to the inherent temperament associated with the foods and the effect they have on the temperament of the individual. Garmi foods speed up the metabolism (heat up the humors), while Sardi foods slow it down (cool down the humors).

THE EAST TO WEST LIFESTYLE CO - Persian-inspired Cosmetics and Wellbeing
THE EAST TO WEST LIFESTYLE CO - Persian-inspired Cosmetics and Wellbeing

Determining which foods are appropriate for your temperament is very important to maintaining your wellbeing. An excess of food with qualities similar to the qualities associated with your temperament will create humoral imbalance and impact your health negatively.

Therefore, to preserve and restore your health, TPM suggests that foods from the opposite spectrum of your temperament are the most appropriate for your consumption. If you are a Sanguine/Phlegmatic temperament, then eating hot/moist foods will aggravate your temperament. You should instead select foods that are more cooling and drying.

The season, as well as the time of day we choose to eat have a substantial impact on our humors. Many chronic illnesses can be attributed to the accumulation of toxins resulting from poor digestion and metabolism caused by the excess consumption of Sardi foods. Including Garmi foods in your diet correctly can benefit you by:

  • Increasing the production of digestive enzymes, boosting digestion
  • Increasing your metabolism
  • Allowing your body to better absorb key nutrients

Foods including herbs that are ‘sardi’ (cold) can place several burdens on the body. Firstly, they are harder to digest. They are also harder to assimilate – the absorption of micro-nutrients into the blood stream and cells can leave a greater residue of unnecessary waste products. Therefore, knowing your Temperament and pairing your food correctly is very important.

Damnoosh™️ Skin Radiance Tea Tonic Green Tea

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Green Tea, Rose & Dandelion Skin Radiance Tonic

According to Traditional Persian Medicine, most skin conditions originate deep within the body from digestive imbalances, excess heat and toxicity circulating in the blood.

By adding our uniquely formulated skin radiance tea tonic to your daily self-care ritual, you can help cleanse from within. Packed with a blend of Dandelion Leaves and Sencha Green Tea, Damnoosh™️ is full of phytonutrients renowned for their anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties that help purify and strengthen the digestive system and restore balance. The soothing and cooling botanicas of Calendula, Rosehip and Rose Petals are a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins E, C and A – a natural Retinol vital for skin health.

Taste: This healing green tea combines naturally astringent Rose Petals and Dandelion Leaves and balances them perfectly with the tender sweetness of natural Almond flavouring.

Ingredients List:

  • Traditional Persian Medicine Herbal Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Rose
  • Dandelion
  • Calendula
  • 100% Natural with no additives or preservatives.

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All our ingredients are Ethically Sourced, Suitable for Vegans and Gluten-Free.
Cruelty-Free & 100% Natural with no additives or preservatives.
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Tea alone cannot fight disease or improve health. Tea must be complemented with a lifestyle that incorporates regular exercise, plenty of sleep and a diet with antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits, high-quality proteins and small amounts of fats and sugars.