Persian-inspired Cosmetics and Wellbeing

We take a new look at the old world.

THE EAST TO WEST LIFESTYLE CO© is a cosmetic & well-being brand inspired by The Six Guiding Persian Lifestyle Principles (Setah Zaroriah) and the teachings of Traditional Persian Medicine (TPM), Teb-Sonati. A truly holistic and personalised form of healthcare, TPM aims to treat the whole body rather than the symptoms. We’ve created authentic, plant-based products based on ancient, time-tested Persian remedies and original recipes to help balance your temperament and feel your best.

THE EAST TO WEST LIFESTYLE CO - Persian-inspired Cosmetics and Wellbeing


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Holistic, Personal, Traditional, Natural

Practised for over 4,000 years, TPM  prioritises health management over treatment and relies on the body’s own ability to naturally self-heal. It aims to treat illnesses, chronic and acute through a mixture of diet therapy, lifestyle adjustment, herbal remedies and natural therapies all working together to help restore the body, mind, emotions and spirit to its proper balance.

TPM is based on the science of energetics and places great emphasis on how our individual characteristics and personality have a major impact on our health. Drawing from this philosophy, The East To West Lifestyle Co© empowers you to learn about the uniqueness of your body’s physiology and inspire you to take positive action to help transform your sense of wellbeing and fulfilment.

THE EAST TO WEST LIFESTYLE CO - Persian-inspired Cosmetics and Wellbeing
Healing with Herbs & Minerals

The East To West Lifestyle Co© teaches people about the therapeutic properties of plants and how to use natural everyday ingredients beyond sustenance and nutrients. Discover ancient forms of natural remedies used for thousands of years and learn how to correctly pair foods and herbs unique to your body to help boost your vitality.

We believe in the power of nature.

We use the latest bioscience to revive and enhance the Traditional Persian Medicine compositions we base our formulas on. Our products contain a combination of ethically sourced and certified therapeutic herbs, nutrient-rich clays, natural fruit enzymes and cold-pressed plant oils bursting with nourishing vitamins and powerful antioxidants.

We believe in the power of nature, so we’ve combined the perfect alchemy of traditional plant-based science and advanced technology to ensure our formulas are harmonised to protect against today’s environmental factors so you can easily maintain your hair and skin’s natural balance and radiance.

Caring for this planet, we call home.

We also uphold a solid commitment to preserving our planet’s precious resources. We use raw, active ingredients that are by-products of the food and drink industry. We up-cycle these ingredients in our natural formulas to create sustainable products without ever compromising on quality or efficacy. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable. All our products are made in the UK

Let’s talk safety.

Vegan TM-Palette1-BLACK copyOur products are dermatologically tested and The Vegan Society accredited. We do not use preservatives, parabens, mineral oils or any other harmful ingredients


The East to West Life Co©. believes that beauty products should be cruelty free. We are proud to be Leaping Bunny approved. A global programme, Leaping Bunny requires cruelty free standards over and above legal requirements. 

All of our cosmetic and personal care products are approved under the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny programme, the internationally recognisable gold standard for cruelty free products. We adhere to a fixed cut-off date policy and proactively monitor our suppliers to ensure that our products continue to adhere to the Leaping Bunny criteria. Our supplier monitoring system is also independently audited.

For more information about Cruelty Free International, Leaping Bunny and Leaping Bunny criteria, please visit

We are original. We are not “alternative.”

Whether you have problematic skin, hair loss, stress or arthritis, The East To West Lifestyle Co© aims to bring you original, natural Persian treatments. We teach people about the powerful and therapeutic properties of plants and how to use everyday ingredients beyond sustenance and nutrition. Discover ancient forms of natural Persian remedies used for thousands of years and unlock how to correctly pair foods and herbs to boost your body’s natural vitality.

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